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Sandpipers dream.jpg (83142 bytes)

Sandpipers Dream

Feel the sea mist as  it hits the rocks near the shore. Sandpipers enjoy a quick lunch on the beach.

24x36 framed original oil on canvas

beach_1_600.jpg (62863 bytes)

Ocean View

A lone crane has the perfect "Ocean View" and a good shot at a seafood breakfast. Painted from a photograph taken along the Ocean City, Maryland coastline. It was a beautiful warm summer day and a great walk along the beach.

22x28 framed original oil on canvas.
Limited edition giclee prints on canvas

Wetland Birds.jpg (71707 bytes)

Wetland Birds

East coast marsh at sun rise is the perfect place for a seafood brunch.

14x18 framed original oil on canvas

Morning Light

A favorite spot along the Maryland/Delaware shoreline if you walk on the beach early in the morning, you can see the beautiful sunrise start to occur just over the water. 

Limited edition giclee prints on canvas

Guiding Light

This painting was inspired by my father's love of both light houses and the beach. Every vacation we went on, we would have to check out the local light house. He was a "guiding light" in my life, just as the light houses were to sailors.

Donated to Trinity Lutheran Church, Steelton in memory of  my father,
Robert R. Brown 

Florida Marsh

Bright Flamingos wade in the marsh at sunset.

24x30 framed original oil on canvas

Low Tide

Moored at the Jersey shore.

5x7 framed original oil on canvas board

IMGP3904.JPG (2387640 bytes)

Ocean Waves

16 x 20 framed original on canvas

All Original artwork copyright Patty Toth 2009-2015

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